DJ Thando got this start in New York city, where a then 18-year old Thando Beschta became transfixed with the depiction of DJ’ing in the movie Juice. From that moment Thando was hooked to the sound and style of hip-hop DJ’ing. Throughout college he perfected his craft in his bedroom while working in record stores. While attending college in New York he quickly became embedded in the downtown New York party scene. He soon became a fixture at New York’s best venues known for combining his love of latin music, reggae/dancehall, house, and hip-hop. You can find him weekly at Up&Down, 1Oak, The Soho Grand, and Jane Hotel. His unique sound caught the ears of agents around town and soon he was spinning fashion week parties, private events and store openings. Most recently he spun the official Met Gala after parties at Up&Down and 1Oak where celebrities like Rihanna, Janelle Monae, Diplo, and countless others danced the night away to his signature sound. In addition to being a fixture in the New York scene he also holds residencies in Miami where he plays at Soho House and the roving Miami party, Peachfuzz. Whether Djing alongside Rihanna and Lana Del Ray, playing events for Nike, or doing exclusive after parties, Thando always know how to captivate the room with this worldly taste in music.


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